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Vail Town Council to Review Rezoning of West Middle Creek - Tract A - Parcel

The Vail Town Council on December 15 reviewed a request for rezoning what is being referred to as "West Middle Creek" for development.

Gore Valley Citizens Alliance is opposed to making designated open space available for development.


Tract A - West of Middle Creek, was acquired with Real Estate Transfer Tax funds several decades ago. It is zoned Natural Resource Preservation, the highest level of protection provided by zoning under Vail Town Code.

You may recall that it was in the original rezoning of Booth Heights - rezoning that took place without a required development plan - that was "thin end of the wedge" toward the approval of Booth Heights, which has taken an incredible effort on all our parts to shut down.

Why it Matters

Our community has wisely protected high visibility and sensitive areas as open space, and ensured that every square inch of the Gore Valley is not developed. We established the Real Estate Transfer Tax in order to facilitate open space acquisition. The Town Attorney has opined that the Real Estate Transfer Tax can be repaid and areas made available for development. The problem with that opinion is that there is no open space left to acquire.

Discussions have also been held about the Middle Bench of Donovan Park, another area that was acquired with RETT funds and zoned for open space, and also the 9th fairway of the Vail Golf Course. The pro-development faction seems intent on chipping away at our open space until there is nothing left.

As Diana Donovan put it "We didn't protect these areas for ourselves when we acquired them, we protected these areas for now when everything is developed."


More information regarding the proposal is available here.